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A dog’s tolerance for other dogs may be affected by social situations where dogs are social. When dogs are kept in small groups, many dogs may have difficulties socializing. Even when they are kept in large groups, dogs who are not familiar with other dogs may find it difficult to get along with other dogs. This may be caused by:

The interaction of the dogs with other dogs or humans: Some dogs are so socialized to a particular group that if they have to interact with another dog, they will be unable to do so

The interaction of the dogs with other animals: Some dogs simply become habituated to another dog. Because they can only interact with other dogs, they may not be interested in other animals, which may have negative consequences for the animals the dogs interact with

Being exposed to unusual objects in the environment

Being left alone for short amounts of time

The behavior of some dogs towards strangers can make them very wary of people – especially if it’s being given to them. They may go into fight-or-flight mode. They may become shy because they can’t “get their aggression out”. To make matters worse, some dogs do not learn that they can trust another dog until they know that they can trust and be friendly with their own family members.

A great deal of research has been done on dogs who react strongly to strangers or unfamiliar objects, while others who show strong affection to people or other dogs react to their environment in a more positive way.

How can I test whether a puppy is aggressive or timid?

Many people confuse aggressive and timid puppies, but there are actually two important types of dog. These are called:


The type of aggression and fearfulness we see in many dogs we see every day…the type of dogs who react aggressively to people. In our family, I think we can all agree this is a dog who’s in high-alert situations. He’s a bit of a nervous wreck, as he seems to have a nervous nervous energy. He doesn’t know what’s happening around him. He’s scared all the time. He doesn’t know who is near him and he’s also quite vocal.

And when people move towards him…he tends to turn and run in a defensive instinct. He doesn’t know what’s going on…he doesn’t have a clue why he’s so nervous. If someone puts their hand in a dangerous situation, he’s going to be much

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