Can I learn pole dancing at home? – National Pole Dancing Competition Videos

Yes, you may. The only requirement from the local authorities is that you meet one of various guidelines and that your parents are not in possession of a pole or the pole itself.

It is highly likely that a local authorities department/registrar will be your best bet, but as a general rule it is worth considering a bit more. Not for every pole dancer or pole-dancing enthusiast is the requirement of a local authorities body. A ‘national’ pole dance school has come under scrutiny recently and some people do want their children to learn.

Can the teacher be the sole educator? That is not required in all countries. The teacher should be someone knowledgeable about how poles work and what is required to practice pole dancing.

Will I need to show up at the venue? When you arrive at the venue you will find pole dancing. In many cases the instructor will be there, but others might not. You will be expected to attend the show and be on time for it if you are on a first class.

Do I need to take my pole dancing shoes? Most nations do not prescribe wearing high quality shoes before and during a pole dance show. You will not necessarily need to wear shoes with boots. However, we would strongly advise that those intending to attend take their pole dancing shoes off prior to the show. You are required to come to the venue equipped with a pole and your pole dancing shoes on a first class basis. It will save most of the pain of having both removed and in some cases, will make things easier.

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In what city should I plan to attend?

It only matters to the instructor if you take part in the show. You will normally go through two sets of qualifications, one prior to your first class, and another once you have been with your instructor for a number of months. Your teacher will likely know where you are able to go to begin work at a particular pole dance school. It is worth trying to find out where you plan to go. Many dance schools are not set up in all areas of the world.

My instructor is not from Europe and doesn’t have a university degree, but is rather a Pole Doctor. Can I still apply? Absolutely! We do recommend some university level education for your potential teacher. It is quite an experience for you, but you will need to provide ample evidence, along with some proof of qualifications, in order for us to be able to offer you a job with our school.

Will my instructor be allowed to

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