Can you lose weight pole dancing? – Miss Pole Dance

The best answer comes from an instructor at the American Pole Dance Association, who says that even small amounts of weight make a massive impact.

“It doesn’t matter if you weigh 115 pounds or you weigh 100. If you’re on diet and you make a big change…you could gain up to eight pounds in eight months,” says Sarah Anderlini, who has over 20 years of experience working with pole dancers.

“If you’re going to lose up to eight pounds a month, that can really matter.”

The best advice Sarah gave, however, to those who aspire to the pole, is to be consistent.

“Don’t worry about it too much. Try to go to the gym every day no matter if you weigh 120, 110, 120, whatever. But make sure you’re not in too much of a rush.

“If I remember this from my experiences, the hardest part when it comes to weight loss was the lack of consistency.”

We know we can’t get there by ourselves.

This week we talked to Dr, Helen Nunn, the head of the University of Newcastle’s Diabetes Center, who worked with a young woman who lost 40 kilograms after being on an intermittent fast. It was a challenge, and he says it’s important to give ourselves encouragement.

“It’s about the encouragement, getting on the platform and telling someone you’re going to try to stay off it. People always think, ‘I’ve got to lose some weight so I can eat more’ – the way to do that is through a low-carb diet.”

“It’s important that people understand, don’t go to the gym because you think, ‘I’ll lose some weight.’ The hardest thing would be telling someone to look in the mirror when the skin on your chin is going down,” laughs Dr. Nunn.

“The next step is getting down to a point where you know you can see a mirror and tell yourself that weight, it’s OK to have a small amount.”

So what do you need in order to keep your pole dancing body as lean when you lose weight? We asked Dr. Nunn some of the questions we’d like to know her top priorities.

“You really have to have fun, but it’s not just about body weight reduction. The last thing I want to say is that we need to support people to be active and participate in sport,” she says. “The key to weight management

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