Can you lose weight pole dancing? – Pole Dancing Pictures

A. (Laughs) I would lose weight with Pole Dance! (Laughs)


How do you make the best pole dancing moves?

A. With a pair!


Who are your top 5 pole dancers?

A. (Laughs)


How would you answer this: do you have a favorite pole dancing scene as a young girl?

A. Of course, it was the scene where my mom taught me how to dance for the first time and my dance moves were amazing! (Laughs)


What is your favorite pole dancer?

A. Of course, Maria!


If you saw one pole-wearing lady at a store this year, what would you ask?

A. The lady that put the pole on! (Laughs) I’d look at her like, ‘What are you looking at! You’re ruining my pole dancing career by putting on a pole to dance in. Get that pole out of my face!’


When you do a scene in a movie or show, do you wear an outfit from your pole dancing?


Do you ever take a holiday to New Zealand?

A. Yeah, it was my first holiday, and that was great!


Where can we get your book, ‘El Amo Del Dia’? – El Amo Del Dia del Cine?

A. Well, I’ll have to get a copy and look it up on Amazon! (Laughs)

It’s been over two decades since a woman was seen in the wild and this isn’t the first time. In this exclusive clip for The Mirror, you can see the incredible lengths that they have gone to in order try to capture this elusive beast.

In 1997 the Loch Ness Monster was captured on film. That took the beast down to just six inches. That’s less than a yard!

This year, it’s all about the footage.

A British tourist, Kirsty Rose, was on holiday when she went for a swim with friend, John McEnroe, on a beach in Loch Ness, Scotland.

This is where a film crew was waiting to film the monster.

The two men were wearing swimming trunks and the women were wearing only a top with no socks on. At first, they weren’t scared of what they

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