Can you pole dance if you’re overweight? – Pole Dance Song Rock

No, no, you can’t do it because your pole dance isn’t big enough. Do you have to have a specific body type to do pole dance? No, I didn’t realize that. Do pole dance contests have body rules? Some races have body rules, but most don’t, so if they have a rule they should be followed. Why do so many people struggle with their pole dancing? People that struggle usually do the other exercises too, not pole dance. When people struggle with pole dancing, it just makes them feel like it’s not really easy to do. What’s your favorite pole dance? My favorite pole dance is Pole Dance: The Rave (also called ‘Ballroom Dance’ by my friends and I) My favorite pole dance is Pole Dance: The Vamp (also called ‘Poleo’ by some) I am going to be in a class in a little while called ‘Pole and Ballet’ and if you want to go, you can email and I can give you more information. My favorite pole dance looks? That’s an easy one. I want to go dancing with my best friend, and the first thing we’ll do is pole dance. I love to see her do the moves. What should I wear for pole dance? You should wear something that shows off your body, like a short skirt or even a short tank top. I have the best dancer friends who go by ‘Pole and Ballet’ and they know how to wear outfits and they make my girl feel great. What is your pole dance secret? I have no secret! My favorite choreographer is Tony (I used to call him Tony, I’m getting too old for that) my best friend goes by ‘Ronda’ and my dance partner is by the name of ‘Katie’ what happens when they are dancing? I’m so happy to hear that, and I hope they will continue to do it and see other friends doing it. What does your group or club do to help people who struggle with pole dancing? I always teach them that if they don’t know what to do in a dance, there are so many great options. If you are in an area that doesn’t have a dance studio, we have groups called ‘Pole Dance Groups, Dance Classes’, ‘Pole Dance Clubs’ or ‘Pole and Ballroom’ and we’ll help you find any information you need. How do you feel after your pole dance? I definitely feel better.
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