Can you spin on a static pole? – Pole Dance Shorts Plus Size

The answer is ‘no’ (but remember, it’s not easy!).

What you need is a stable, dry, well lit (you can move the poles around to light different locations on the pole) indoor/outdoor pole, with a static pole attachment set (to keep it in place when you move).

If you prefer a more ‘gummy’ pole, get that one here.

Note that some brands (mostly on Ebay) are selling ‘free’ static poles with the purchase of this kit. There is absolutely nothing free or ‘free’ with this kit!

Also, if you haven’t seen the static pole tutorial here , please make sure you have read/watch it before placing an order of this kit. You won’t be disappointed !

To determine how much pole you need, start by figuring out how tall you want your static pole to be when you set it down. For example, I’m making a 6m pole.

Once you have guessed this height, proceed to calculate how many poles you need. The number of poles you require is equal to the height of your pole when installed, minus the poles added onto the wall when your pole is removed (by the way, you don’t need pole legs, they don’t add anywhere).

This gives you 3 poles total in total. For this example, I’ll use the height of the static pole, minus the height of the pole added onto the wall when the pole is removed. A 6m pole will have 3 pole sides and 5, as we’ll see later.

So then, divide the poles needed by the height of the static pole to determine your pole pole cost/pole height requirements.

So this means this:

4 poles: 6m / 3 poles = 3 poles (pole 3)

6 poles: 3 poles / 6m = 6 poles (pole 1)

7 poles: 2 poles / 7m = 6 poles (pole 2)

Now, the average height of a pole is 25 cm, and you know how tall they need to be to fill that wall height.

Now let’s take some example setups. For each location in the image below, a 3m pole is used, in this case, to create a new wall.

The new wall is 6m high; this equates to a ceiling height of 6.34m, or 3.87m. So for a single pole, the

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