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Yes. I do work out. I do yoga, and cardio, and a lot of walking outside, running around, etc. You need to be willing to do it. My mom is from Jamaica and my uncle is from Colombia; they have a lot of different traditions, cultures, things that they look for. They have a lot of strength and athleticism when it comes to dance and dance culture. I grew up in Florida and I never did the dance, and I went to a little dance camp around Orlando, and I really liked it because people were dancing and enjoying themselves, so that’s all I ever really knew about it, but now I’m in this new position now where I can do it because I really loved it.

When you dance, how do you feel?
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It’s more of a dance performance, rather than just being in the moment, so there’s a lot of attention. I think you have to be careful because if you’re dancing on stage, you’re getting in front of a crowd, and you have your clothes off, and people could steal them. I was actually a little bit worried about that, but fortunately, I don’t do them. I feel I’ve grown so much since I came into the sport, and have had such awesome exposure, and it’s a great opportunity, so I would really rather lose. If I’m going to be able to dance, it’s going to be over.

Do you think that a lot of dancers are getting more comfortable with doing this now, or is there still a lot of resistance?

There’s definitely a lot of resistance. For the most part, it’s really a very old-boy’s club. For the most part, they don’t want to make more people uncomfortable by making people take off their clothes. They want to make people feel comfortable, so now people are taking off their clothes without too much issue. Now, people who have been dancing for 10 years, there’s still resistance. If you’re a woman, I think there’s still a lot of resistance to being female dancers. You’re going to be seen as sexualizing the body.

I think there’s definitely that. Now, a lot of guys have stepped up. There’s a ton of great girls that have been dancing for years, and there’s still a lot of resistance, but people have seen how good it would be if more women showed up, and more men danced. Everyone is going to learn how to be good, and

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