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I’m strong and not weak, and that’s part of the challenge. I’m in pole now for real, for the real world. I feel really comfortable there – it’s more physical and physical. And then there’s the mental aspect. And the biggest is that we do this every day: we dance for about two, three hours a day, in our own rooms. We take it for granted. You have to really work and keep moving to keep moving. And also you have to be in tune in case a dancer is making a mistake when we work on the move. Do you think that would help in helping us to be better?”

Is it different to be a woman in pole dance than in other forms of dance?

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“It’s very different. It can’t be less like us and more like someone else (the men in our group). We all perform as women but it’s not true. We all work as the same people. A woman is a woman. And we have all felt it and had our own way of going about the show. We just have different personalities in pole. A woman can dance the way a man can dance, the way a woman can dance, the way a man can dance. It’s all different. And there’s a reason for that. So to find a perfect balance, just to bring out a person’s personality and their individuality, just to bring out a certain personality, not just a physical person, but a personality and attitude towards life is not a female thing. And we always put the woman’s side to it.”

Does your show have political messages?

“Of course. The show is not political. I’m not going to explain anything. But my life is politics, politics, politics. So if someone goes to see the other day and the show is about the human race, and that shows us that humans are very important in the system, and this system is broken, then it’s a message. But if a show is about politics – and this is my personal opinion and maybe wrong – then I don’t want it to make another human suffering. And this is what we have to be careful about. The point is, the show is a show, like any other, not a religious show or a political show or anything like that. You can do what you want, I’m just happy to be a part of it.”

You mentioned that you were born to be in pole. How could you not do pole at that

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