Do you need to be strong to pole dance? – Pole Dance Performance Got Talent

This might be a good idea to get in the right mindset

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I am the only real pole dancer in my close circles, i have always known that i want to do this stuff my whole life but im not exactly sure how to do it i guess i still have a lot of potential, so i decided to give it a try so in future we will be working together to make this a reality

Pole dancing is a natural expression for you that you have been working really hard at, what do you like about pole dancing and why can’t you make it your job?

To really take full advantage of my abilities I have to practice every week without taking breaks and having all the support i can make a difference in my pole dance

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A new study has shown a significant increase in global temperatures since the 1880s, and it shows the trend will continue for a very long time to come. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has stated that the world has gone past another “theft of the millennium,” as temperatures have risen by almost 10 degree Fahrenheit (four degrees Celsius) since 1940.

“The data show that global warming has begun to accelerate,” said John Christy, a University of Alabama-Birmingham scientist involved in the study that was the subject of a series of blog posts by ThinkProgress: “The oceans have never been more acidic, nor have they ever had less water. And while some things could be explained by natural fluctuations, human emissions are the primary culprit, as we have clearly shown for decades.”

It’s not just the oceans that are warming. The Arctic and Antarctic Oceans are also warming up, with melting ice and sea surface temperatures rising faster than average. So are other parts of the global climate system that

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