Do you need to be strong to pole dance? – Pole Dancing Songs

Absolutely. People don’t think we’re strong. We’re a small group of women, so we usually have a lot of time away from the gym. We spend most of our days off from work and family, and we’re very involved in the community.
Sand - Nathan Lanier Beginner/Intermediate Pole Dance ...

Do you have any hobbies that you could tell you’re good at?

I love hiking, biking, and climbing on the mountain. I also enjoy my cat and other kitties.

Does your dog, Boomer, like to do pole dance? Does he have a great time?

No, Boomer is a boxer.

If you’re using an iOS device with Bluetooth, chances are it’s not because you want to get around your iPhone. You’re more likely to use AirPlay, or a custom version of it, to connect a speaker to your Mac. There’s a lot to like in Bluetooth, with support for 4.0 or more Bluetooth devices, audio passthrough between Bluetooth devices, and some neat stuff with its A2DP/HFP codec. A lot of the software in the developer community is built to enable you to do what Apple wants you to do while still using iOS devices, which makes for some impressive, if somewhat boring, use of Bluetooth. The problem, though, is Apple’s restrictions on development for it on iOS devices.

Last week, a developer in a Mac App Store review app named “MacStories” put up a post about his development experiences with audio in Bluetooth and Apple. The post was based on the experiences of a user in Canada whose iPhone had a problem connecting to multiple external speakers without audio. When MacStories tested his Apple device, it connected well and sounded crisp, though no audio coming out of the speakers from the Apple device.

After some digging, we found a note in Apple’s Developer Guide stating that Apple had limited the Bluetooth-based features available in iOS. That meant that, by far, no developers could do anything with Bluetooth, or anything that made use of it to make a device work with the OS—for example, no support in iOS 8 for AirDrop, or Bluetooth audio to be used as a means of controlling multiple speakers in a multi-room environment (although there were a few ways you could do that).

For this reason, Bluetooth was often seen as a rather niche feature within OS X when it first launched a few years back, which was never intended for the larger iOS user base. The only way to do

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