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While some may argue that dancing builds muscle when you run, this is not the case. It is the opposite.

Running actually helps build muscle! As the body is working for a longer distance the muscles are needed shorter distances more so than the muscles being built at home.

The more you run, the faster your heart rate tends to go, the more you need the legs to recover after a workout, the more the calves will get tired, the more your legs will need stretch time.

This is why every time you put on a pair of runners it is a blessing to your legs. Just like how running builds muscles makes you look better and healthy, it is all part of the same system.

A simple analogy would be if someone walked into the gym and just started getting stronger with every single set. By the time they finished they looked and felt stronger, and so on.

So you can imagine that dancing in your own town, at home, at work or anywhere is great for you musculature. It builds your body back up to be stronger and faster than ever.

But not in the gym. Dance in your home or the gym.

Don’t worry about it

Yes, dancing in your town or in the gym might cause you to gain more muscle. But that doesn’t mean dancing should be one of your goals.

The whole point of dancing is to be present with your body and find a balance between going too hard for too long and too easy for too short.

If you are trying to build muscles you are going to make progress just like you make progress with any other muscle build.

You might be able to pull a lot of biceps or some tricep development, but you want to add more and more body awareness to your daily routine until you have reached the highest level of performance and balance that you can reach.

Just like you want to keep your body healthy and strong so that you can live your best life.

But if you feel that dancing has made you look and feel more and more “in-shape” then it might be a good idea to start thinking about your gym days as more of an off day to get your workouts in and take it easy.

Why dancing in your town, at home, at work or anywhere is great for your body

Dancing is the perfect combination of fitness and relaxation.

The exercise itself doesn’t cause or promote any muscles to grow

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