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We all love to know the answer to this question, especially when our partner is going under a pole for the first time (which in many cases, they do). As with other “toxic” situations such as fighting, cheating, or lying, the more times, the better for sure. When both parties lie, it’s even worse because no matter what kind of lies you tell while under a pole, all of it gets caught on your partner’s clothing. If your partner lies about being out of breath or feeling tired, you’re going to see some really ugly things on them after you leave a pool party.

Are pole dancing clothes and shoes unsafe?

Yes! That’s one of the most common things people ask me when we dance a pole together and I usually just say “yes and no”. “No, they’re just not as fashionable as they once were, so stop asking me for them!” is a very common response.

Unfortunately, there’s been little research conducted on the safety of pole dancing clothes and shoes over the last year and a half. There are no studies on the safety of pole dancing on women or males, so we can only guess at what it is. I can tell you that my partner does not wear any of the more trendy clothing items at this point in his life, just his “good ol’ boy” clothes. The only thing that has been tested in the field is that there might possibly be a few people who break a small bone, possibly from falling down and hitting their head, but we haven’t had this done yet at the gym.

Are poles dangerous?

Of course! That’s the biggest question people ask me and I try to answer as I can. It depends on your fitness level.

When you’re at the pole club, you can move a lot faster than most people when you’re not at the end of your rope. Therefore, a swing can be a very fast and powerful way to get on you, especially if you’re younger or have bad knees. This can be good fun if you play by the rules of the gym, but on the average, you wouldn’t want a pole swing on you at any point while you’re at the pole club.

Another safety factor is the fact that there are pole dancers who fall to their death. There have also been cases where someone hit their head on a pole while in the throes of orgasm or was just too excited from dancing.
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So, it depends on

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