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You’ll have to wait a bit longer. For now, a dermatologist says there’s no danger involved, but it may have to wait a bit longer.

The cosmetic surgeon at The Institute for Metabolic Disorders says Pole Dancing might actually be beneficial, but the effects may only last one week. “It might take several months for the results to show,” Dr. Gioio Doraisano told Medscape Medical News. “It’s not as bad as people make it out to be.”

He suggests you continue to keep your skin moisturized and protected during your Pole Dance routines. You can also take this time to get a clearer understanding of why your body isn’t responding as it should to this type of exercise.

“You might want to ask about your own body composition,” said Dr. Doraisano. “Is it too heavy to do and not able to do? Can you do more than you should during the time you’d like? Are you over- or under-performing?

“We also need to discuss what the impact is of the Pole Dance on your energy level and mental state. We need to think about health risks.”

Dr. Doraisano adds that although you may feel great during your first Pole Dance performance, the effects will wear off after several weeks so you’ll have to keep practicing before you can really go wild.
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There’s no denying, however, that Pole Dancing is a fun way to stay active and stay healthy and toned.

Read more from the study:

“Physical fitness in Pole Dancing: What it is, is, and is not” was published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine.

The authors of the report conducted an observational study that included 2,007 participants during their annual health examination for adults of all ages. Participants were asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about their daily activities and fitness.

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