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And why don’t some girls try it on while they are on stage? What about people you know who dance? Do you think you could “un-make” them and start over with a new dance?

How about that one girl you met? What do you think about her pole dancing? Do you have her number?

I have to admit I haven’t talked to any of my friends who dance pole. And I certainly won’t be the girl who teaches pole dancing to someone else!

But there’s a couple of things to make sure we’re clear about here, because I’ve done a fair amount of research on how pole dancing is received. And I’ve only ever heard positive responses from people who dance the way I do. The responses to me, and to the other dancers I’ve talked with, have been generally good.

Most of us are pretty competitive and driven. The competition is hard, so the pressure to always be better is intense. And pole dancing is one big group effort, so we all want to get better. For this reason, pole dancing is much more than just a pretty performance. It’s a whole lifestyle, like anything else – we all eat, sleep, work out, and have a great time doing it. Plus, the experience is much more authentic, as the dancers take a lot of care to make sure their own technique is good.

I am sure that if you started pole dancing, you’d be quite competitive, too; and I do wish others were as competitive. But if you want to try pole dancing a second time, or have it with someone you know, my advice is to keep it personal and very specific. Don’t try to compete against someone else. Just do what makes you feel comfortable.

And if some of your friends are curious about pole dancing too, maybe one day they might want to try it. When they do, be proud. They just may also give you a great reason to do the same.

And this also applies to pole dancing…just not pole dancing with strangers. It’s a whole different skill.

This is part of a series of Q&As on the Science of the Body series on my site, which includes posts on the science behind the muscles of the body, the anatomy of the vagina, and the anatomy of the spine. We hope you enjoy these pieces.

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