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I think it’s always true that when you do something that is out of the ordinary, you have to take it into account how it will be received and what people are doing with you. Pole dancing, in particular, is a very intimate sport. You have to be very aware of what is going on in the crowd.

Do you think the attention from women has helped you?

Absolutely. We have about 50 women from all over London who have come to our club. At first it did not really take off for us. It was just as usual until then, but it seems now that people have taken it more seriously now that they see a woman in the pole.

A number of men have come round and asked if I am the Pole Dance Champion, but they had to ask me, because their wives and girlfriends would ask them and I’m sorry, I did not find it funny. I think it is great. I got a really nice letter from a lady who said that it was not a job that would ever fit her in, but the way I look at it, it is not really the work that you have to do. A bit of hard work and I can look forward to having a beer with my mates.

How are you paid?

I am paid in tips. I work with a group. I like to think people are happy with it, because people feel like they can share their own style and they get a lot of enjoyment out of that.

What time do you come in and what do you do?

I usually come in from 9am to 6pm and work from 7am to 11am. If I have to work all day on a new show – I will come at 5pm.

What is the best part about pole dancing?

When I’m dancing, I feel like I am going on for half the day. I really enjoy it, but I would never want to take a day off.

What has been the difference having a son in London?

It is all about balance, and all I did was get my daughter into school. But she is really interested in all the different things I do. My son has just turned two, and is the same age as me. I think it is a special thing having a child, because if you do not give your children that, I don’t know what else you can do.

How has your daughter’s interest in the circus affected your life?

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