How can I practice dance at home? – Best Pole Dance Ever

Dance at home is easy and fun. You can choose from our variety of dance styles and music. You can use your favorite music, or you can add your own music, from your own favorite album.

Can you dance with me? Yes, you can dance (if you are comfortable with your level of movement and skill level). We suggest that you practice at home before going out and are comfortable with your dance move. Do you have any special dance moves that you want to share with others? You can come to our studio and show you something more daring and awesome. Please contact one of our dancers for a dance move and we’ll make something cool like it for you.

Do I have to wear pants? No, you do not have to wear pants at home. The goal of this class for us is to start a new dance practice and not be afraid to be different if you want. However, if you do choose to walk around outside, you do have to wear a shirt and pants and there are some steps you can take to be comfortable in these shoes.

Where can I find the best dance studio to practice with? We recommend your favorite music or dance style in our music class or dance class.

Why can’t people practice dancing on the street outside? The best way to practice is outside, without the pressure of people looking at you and making eye contact. It is also much easier to move, and if you have never seen someone dance, you will have no idea where you can go in your dance routine, so we recommend practicing at home.

Do you have any dance lessons? If so, what is your lesson schedule like? We have weekly lessons starting at 2pm and we offer classes for beginner to advanced performers. We also offer classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. There is a large choice of classes in different styles and time ranges. Contact us for more information.

Do you have a set dance partner? We offer classes for both couples and singles. Just like in our music class, you can choose the style and difficulty of your dance classes. If you feel uncomfortable dancing with others, just bring a friend, and come together.

What are my fees and how much are they? Please send us an email to find out more about our rates and fees and schedule your next lesson!

By Tom D’Angelo

BBC News Magazine Staff Writer

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