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Find an instructor at a dance studio such as:



Anjell Dance Studio

A.T.A. Dance studio (also known as The Black Box) in Brooklyn, New York is an exciting music, dance, and theatre studio! In the arts, this dance studio focuses on a wide variety of art, such as performance, dance, singing and drawing. A.T.A. is a professional art studio in New York City and has many members and dancers from all over the United States, Canada, the world.

They run their classes Monday through Friday, 9 A.M.-5 P.M. : Buy Sexy Pole dance thong Bar shorts+bra ...
How can I learn a choreography or learn how to prepare?

Find an instructor at a dance studio such as in the following:



M.S.O.Y. Dance Studio


T.A.P. Dance Studio in New York City

T.A.P. is where dance instructors work with students, but there are lots of people interested in learning dance, so there are also workshops available.

T.A.P. Dance Studio | New York City, New York

Where can I find a dance studio in New York?

Here are some great places to work with dancers in New York City:

M.S.O.Y. Dance Studio | Brooklyn

In Brooklyn, we offer classes in a wide range of styles and skill levels – ranging from basic to advanced. Our instructor is an A.A.D. dancer with decades of experience. In addition to dance, classes also cover ballet, tap, jazz and others. We also offer a health program for young dancers and offer tuition scholarships to those in need!

New York Dance Collective on Staten Island, NY |

At New York Dance Collective, our goal is to produce the ultimate experience for each group, every dance program and every individual in the community – a space of joy, healing and community that promotes healthy, communityed dance and inspires self-expression and community building. We have always had a strong, energetic and dedicated core of dancers, and we strive to bring this core to the next level.

NY Dance Collective

Where Can I go to see a class?

New York Dance Collective

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