How do pole dancers get flexible? – Pole Dancer Song

It begins with a lot of hard work. Some of the best dancers in the world will have trained for a lot of hours over several years. They have studied the movements on video.

The rest of us can’t wait to start putting those moves together. How do the dancers get so flexible?

Pole dancing is all about balance, so if you can get your lower back in some type of position, then the lower back muscles don’t have to work as hard to prevent you from falling over. Some gymnasts even find that even with a lot of practice, their lower back muscles don’t fully lock out, and they still feel strong enough.

For pole dancers that do have to use their lower back muscles, they might do this exercise:

Find a floor that is flat. Place the front of your butt just below the floor. Start on your stomach and do your back straightening movement with your arms facing away from you. Then bring the arms back and lower the floor back towards you until your hip bones press into the floor.

This kind of exercise is called a “push up,” and is designed to work your back muscles, in addition to keeping your lower back in a flexible position. Some pole dancers also use a similar exercise called a “body weight” which is just a variation of this.

To see my favorite pole dance moves, check out the videos linked above!

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