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“It’s really easy to have a solid foundation. It’s something that you do as a small child, and it’s something, really, that you don’t even realize how good that experience is until you do it all these years later when you start getting into really competitive dance. So when I first got into pole dancing I knew almost nothing about pole. I just learned a little bit of the basics; I know that’s what I’m doing. Then as I got more confident, I started working a little bit more as a coach, teaching my own pole dancers how to do it better, how to get better in their dances. But when we started teaching other dancers that were just starting out, it would get really difficult to put a framework together. There was one pole company I taught for a while that was really good at teaching people how they should be moving so that when they do pole dancing—and pole dance is a dance that’s done in a very specific way—there’s a lot of movement happening where it’s fast and it’s fluid, you can move very fast and have really good balance. But as we got deeper into that company we found that there are so many ways that you could approach dancers to teach that that could get into this category, which could lead to pole dancing becoming a choreographed, high-contact, high-pressure activity. Then there was a time when one of the dancers started talking about it and said: “‘Hey, we’re teaching pole dance. We were having a lot of problems with this guy who was having a hard time. You can’t teach pole dance if nobody’s teaching pole dance, so how can I teach myself?'” “So I said, “Okay. I think you can teach yourself.” So I took him to a dance class. He didn’t know how to dance, and I said: “Hey you don’t have to know, you’re just going to be my little friend.” He was a little bit nervous, and it was all pretty quick. I got him up there, and I started learning. So he ended up having a really productive experience dancing there, because I was giving him the basics to really have a good foundation. My students have been a lot more successful than I could have imagined. And my students get all the benefits of training, because my students are so great at what they do. But also because the people who perform are actually some of the most talented people I know.”

How would you explain pole dancing to someone who doesn’t

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