How do you spin a girl while dancing? – Pole Dance Competition 2018

A big fat spinning movement, with a big fat “bap. No spinning movement.”

You look like an alien!

I’ll take it away.

I’m no alien, either!

I just need a bit more experience.

You are not so good at it, I’ll have you know!

Well, you can’t do that!

What! What did you just say?!

I’ve been getting a bit bored with this whole game.

I’ve been getting a bit tired of this game, too!

Hah! Oh, no!

You’re a man of a different sort.

It may be a good sport if you show some respect for the lady you just tried to seduce.

Ahh! You’re a real gentleman, then!

I’m not interested.

No, I’m not going to take your money.


You are such a dirty boy, you will never catch up to me!

Stop. Stop, you dirty son-of-a-bitch!

Do not insult me, whore!

I’ve got nothing better to do!

You should be more careful, you’re just going to push past.

This is my day off from my duties!

You’re looking for trouble, you filthy bitch!

I am not interested.

I don’t want money.

Well, then why should I let you do that?

You know the thing about a man, sweetheart?

He only cares about me, the lady.

That’s it, dear, I’d say. But if you’re good to me, then you can take off this top, and do like you do when you watch these things, when your legs feel like jelly.

I love how you look so flustered, now it’s time for our first dance.

Oh, you little bitch!

You can do better.

You’re not the best dancer of them all.

But you have a good rhythm, too!

I like that, don’t you sir?

I don’t like my body.

You’re so bad at it.

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I hate how you look at me in the mirror.

Oh, you little bitch!

You’re not even making eye contact like I like you

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