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When I was a student I got really good at spinning. When I was the star of the stage one would be like “This is a nice dance”. If you got good at it you could do everything and it was kind of a special act. I got very good at it and I did a lot of my routines on that stage and one by one people got nervous and asked me to get off stage. Even my friend from the club said “why are you spinning?” I’m like “why do you even ask me?” It’s amazing I can do it! When my coach said “just do it” I kept training and I really, honestly feel like I’m getting better at it.
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Which one dance move is you most proud of?

I definitely like the “Jumping”. I think it’s got great energy. I think it’s the coolest and most fun dance move to choreograph.

When was the first dance you did?

I think that was when I was very young. I was dancing at the beginning and then as I got older I was working with someone on the dance, I think. Then we got to the point where we did a lot of different choreographer-style dances and we kind of evolved away. I think that I’m the first to do a jump and I was really proud of it.

You’ve said that you have a pretty strong sense of how people will react to your performance and that you enjoy performing for others. What else do you love to do when not doing dance?

The things that I love to do are just going to church and just going, walking around talking. There’s so many stories and so many people that I met that I’m happy to share stories of and that I was lucky enough to meet and they are my greatest friends.

I just received this package today and the package I received was absolutely amazing for not only the gifts I received, but for the gift that came before me. My SS knows me, so I had to message her and ask for what I had, but I ended up getting it and it was perfect for Christmas. There was even a little something for me on top of the box, and the contents of the box were so thoughtful and the kind person that put it together for me.

I love it all and the gifts made me very happy.

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