How do you spin a girl while dancing? – Pole Dancing For Beginners

I don’t know. I just like to move fast; I like to be able to dance around. Then I spin her for a bit and that’s all about trying to catch my breath. Once I’m in that state, I like to keep going like that.

Do you have anyone you turn to in the situation when you need to be calm or confident for a fight?

Definitely when I’m in front of a crowd. If you are surrounded by good, experienced people, I feel more ready for any situation. When you are surrounded by bad people…

You don’t think your life is interesting because of them?

[Laughs.] Nobody’s actually interested in what goes on in my head. I’m not really looking at somebody else’s opinions.

And if you were the villain of your own story, how would your hero go to save you?

In the movie, there is this big fight between Batman and the Joker, and the whole story is based around that fight. There is a time at the end where Joker loses, and then the movie begins. But that’s for another time. I just really love my Batman, I think he is one of the most brilliant super-heroes in the world. He is always trying to do the right thing, and he doesn’t ask too many questions.

So when you are fighting someone else, Batman, who will you save first?

[Laughs.] I have no preference! We’ll see!

How do you feel about the world when you think of it?

It was strange for me when I first saw it with all these crazy superheroes shooting everything they can and blowing things up. But with the whole ’90s movie explosion happening everywhere, we wanted to add that part of it. So it came out that you can do that in America in terms of a superhero movie.

Did you think about the fact that the only person who could possibly stop Batman from destroying the city is Superman?

[Laughs.] Yeah! But, you know, that’s a big part of it, and that’s why I loved it and wanted to be a part of it.

So where next summer is Batman versus Superman?

That is a different story. In May, you will see Batman versus Superman on June 14.

That will be the end of a huge arc?


The beginning of an even bigger one?


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