How do you spin a girl while dancing? – Pole Dancing Gif

“I’m getting a degree in dance,” says Biernacki. “Once I figure out how to do this, I can get into the business.”

So, you are not a stranger to this game, and yet you keep losing to my opponent. Why? She spins on her heel a lot. What about a little bit on the other side of her foot?

“That’s what they taught me in ballet when I was a child,” says Biernacki. “They spun me to be graceful, so I’m doing the same thing now.”

Do you see any differences in your spin?

“You have to be able to do it every time; you have to be able to learn to change the speed; you have to be able to have a good balance. That’s why I’m moving really freely now. After a while, I could have stopped because I’m not as fast anymore and I don’t need to spin so much. You have to be able to spin as fast as you want. It’s about flexibility and your ability to change your pace.”
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You do not dance to the music played in the background?

“No, I don’t dance to the music. It’s just rhythm and the rhythm you need to build on. There are only two words I remember. ‘Get away! Get off! Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out!’ Those are my favorite words. When my boyfriend taught me, he told me not to do what I was saying. ‘The rhythm you’re chanting is no rhythm! You’re too fast!'”

How do you move from one moment to another?

The reason I’m having that reaction, says Biernacki, is that I’m not doing my best thinking. I’m not reacting in the right way to what’s happening. It’s not a problem. I’m not the one in control. What happened was that my brain was going, ‘She’s doing it wrong! She’s spinning on her toes! She’s spinning on her heels! And she’s doing it too quickly! What is going on?’

But if her brain is wrong, should she be spinning anyway?

“No!” she replies. “At least not in the correct way. If she was spinning on her toes — which is the right way to do it — I’d say, ‘Look! Look at how fast she’s spinning. She’s turning it so

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