How long does it take to learn to pole dance? – Jacqueline Pole Dance Workout

This is a difficult question. It varies from person to person and from pole dancer to pole dancer. Some people do it within 10 years. Some people take much longer, like 30. It’s very individual. Some people who start pole dancing at 5 are totally into the pole and never move away. Some people want to move away from the pole for 10 years, but then come back and have the passion to move it with them. One thing is for sure, it takes time!!

Do you ever have any misconceptions about pole dancing?

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When most people start pole dancing, they are probably thinking of what do you see in the pole dancing videos? They are typically going to see a girl or a guy (and often both at the same time!) getting out of a big pole. People don’t see many people practicing the pole. They don’t see how people learn to move the pole. In my experience and that of other pole dancers, everyone learns a variety, in fact they often change a lot of moves! Many people see a “man pole” (and “woman pole”), so people think it is just the pole that moves. It’s important to remember that it is the whole body that moves in a pole dance – not just the pole, and not just the legs, feet, and hand that are moving, but the rest of the body in and around that pole – the shoulders and arms, the arms and torso, the head and all that – many of the things you don’t see in any other dancing.

How would you describe your approach to dance? Is it a more advanced form of dance or a more traditional form?

It’s a mixture and both.

I first had to learn how to practice it, so it’s not that it’s a “modern dance” approach, but something from the past, and a lot of it is based on the movements I see used by others. When I see what is popular at the moment, I would look at a few of those to find the moves that work in an “off-the-chart” way. Those that I feel would appeal to me at the same time would be the moves that feel natural and easy for an adult audience, and then I would mix that up to see what makes it a bit different. Some of it is a combination of both, others I would do it my way, as most of the time it is. This is a tricky art to master, and sometimes I’m more concerned with what

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