How long does it take to learn to pole dance? – Pole Dancing Classes Detroit Michigan

It varies depending on your body — on your ability, your size, your body type. The first time you start, your learning curve is going to look like an orange curve that goes all the way to the end of your tailbone. We want you to get that curve. We want to increase that curve. Our goal is to make you get that curve, then take you one step further and get you to be able to go farther.

How do I know if I’m ready for pole dancing? The first time you do it, don’t worry about it… We’re not going to yell, ‘Jump,’ or any other type of encouragement. We’re going to tell you, ‘Go.'”

What should I bring? “I’m not putting your pole into the trunk of your car. Please dress yourself in the clothes you want to wear to pole dancing. And please bring a wallet and cash.

What would I look like during pole dancing? “We’ve taken a look at our models and we know exactly what shape you’re going to look like (in the outfit),” said LeRoy. What he said is, “I’m going to use two cameras to figure out exactly what style of person you resemble.

We look at your body and how you hold yourself.

“We then have the technology to measure you and see how wide your feet are, the length of your legs, that type of stuff.

“We have special software that determines the weight of your arm for you.

“We have the data — our data — to look at your body, your face, your body type, how you hold yourself and the positions you take.”

What kind of pole is best? LeRoy points to one dancer that he would like to have, and asks if the girl would be good in any of the positions:

“In the center of a round dancer? That’s pretty tough on our shoulders. But we’d like you to use the pole in other positions” — “round” means she would sit on his shoulders, not his feet

“Round dancer” means he would sit on her hips.

“Round dancer” or “round and back dancer” means she would be standing.

“She could be a ’round dancer,’ a ’round and back dancer’ and the other three.”

“In the middle of the middle.”

So there you have it: Here are 13 things that I’d like to see

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