How much do pole dancers make? – Exotic Pole Dancing Competition

I’ve tried to come up with some statistics. In 2013 around $1.5 million dollars on top of that went into the pool.

So you’re making around $1.5 million dollar each now?

That’s right.

Do you also make a living out of pole dancing?

I don’t make any money off of pole dancing. The majority of my income now is from my modeling and marketing work.

What do you think sets you apart from other pole dancers in the industry?

First of all, it’s very simple. I’m a good dancer. There’s not a lot of people in this world who are able to do what I can do or do it better than I can.

Secondly, I don’t wear make-up on a consistent basis.

It’s hard to believe that a woman who can dance as fast as I can can wear makeup. That’s not the way I perform and it’s not even what I do.

What inspired you to begin modeling?

I had a great agent in Seattle and a lot of people were talking about it in the entertainment industry. They were wondering if it was possible to get a lot more women to model for a lot more money.

I was interested in modeling at first because it’s not something people take seriously in America. My friends had models that were in the limelight who weren’t working. Then they said to me, “Well, you could really be a model in the world.”

So I took it seriously and I was in charge of taking it one step further. It took me six months to figure out that I was more of a model-type of model.

How has this new experience impacted your work?

It’s been great. I get to work with some very, very talented dancers, even the ones that will challenge me on stage, because their bodies really get excited when I say, “Hi.” But they are also very strong women.

What is it?

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