How much do pole dancers make? – Pole Dance Beginners Without Pole

The salary listed on the pole website pays out between £25,000 and £30,000 a year for a three year apprenticeship for a full-time position.

The site has a range of paid and unpaid positions in other professional areas and you can even apply for a part-time position in the industry.

In addition, many pole dances will have entry level gigs and it’s best to join before you’ve had time to think about your salary.

What sort of training is required?

Some pole dance schools have a formal diploma followed by a number of weeks of coaching.

The skills and experience you learn will help you succeed in your business and the industry will reward you accordingly.

Some companies will also hire your ex-pole-dancer to work as a ‘part-time trainer’ with the company and they’ll pay them a lump sum monthly (and provide free lessons for you) once they’ve passed their exams.

Are my earnings taxable?

This is a very broad term and depends entirely on where you live. Your employer will generally be paying you tax on a percentage of your income from all sources.

The majority of pole dancers are employed full-time while others will be interns.

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