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This is how much the weight of the dance pole is actually moving. The first two dimensions are how many times you rotate your arm at the center in a single second. The final two dimensions are how much your arm rotates while you’re holding the pole.

Let’s say that there are 16 people dancing on your pole. Your arm is spinning at about 200 times an hour and is turning at about 30 times an hour.

As your arm reaches a certain length, the pole goes around the person who’s closest to your pole. The closer he is, the more times you have to rotate your arm in a single second. At the end, how many times your arm rotates?

We’ll say that it reaches about 2 to 2.5 times an hour. You might also consider that you do more than that if you’re dancing more than you’ve done in a day. But as usual the math is pretty simple.

You can find out how much your arm rotates by looking at his or her hand where he or she holds the pole. If it’s bigger, your arm actually rotates more than twice as fast — it’s like saying that the pole only weighs 1/4 as much as the person holding it.

So, if the dance pole is 20 feet in the air, and this person is 1 foot taller than you are, and you’re 10 feet from him, and you can make all of your other motions at a very high speed, then you’ll be turning your arm once more in a single second. At the end you’ll rotate your arm just enough to rotate the pole.

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Another way of putting this is this: If you’re 10’10” tall, and you have a 20′ pole, your arm should look like this:

You can find out how much the pole moves by looking at its handle. If you’re on a stick, don’t look at the stick! Instead, look at how tall somebody is, then go through the rest of this paragraph again until you’re back on the pole.

Now this is the part that doesn’t change too much; this is a very simple way of counting how far your arm reaches. So, if someone’s 10’10” tall, they’re going to have about 20 inches on you. If the pole is 20′ tall, then 20′ reaches 20.5 inches. In other words they reach about 15½ inches from your pole.

If you’re 5’11”,

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