How much weight can a dance pole hold? – Pole Dance Clothes Etsy Jewelry Box

It certainly seems a lot, but weigh a real piece of pole wood, and you’ll probably only be able to lift it a few inches off the ground – not half as much as you might think. For a real full-sized version of that same 1.25-foot diameter.

Of course for dance poles in particular, it’s not just the weight. It’s the sheer volume of pole wood that goes into creating a dance pole that is much taller than a standard-sized dance pole.

“We use a huge amount of wood for this product and it just becomes unmanageable,” says Cramer. “You’ll just have to spend the money on a bigger wooden pole.” It’s a different approach, but at the end of the day, there’s no way around it: You’re paying for the wood, and more importantly, the metal hardware that goes into making it.

What happens to the wood when it’s all finished?

The wood goes into a massive vat at an industrial grade mill, where each wood grain is machine-fired at up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit to create the wood with the most strength.

“It’s like using a blowtorch to torch a piece of raw steel,” explains Cramer.

The wood is then mixed in with other materials like silicon, aluminum, and acrylic to produce the final product. In the end, most of the weight in the finished product comes from a small amount of plastic to keep the weight down as much as possible.

As for storage for those dancing pole wood blocks? They’re shipped to a wood supplier, where they’re packed into specially constructed shipping containers. The wood blocks are then shipped to warehouse-like areas, where they’re used throughout the year for the production of the dance pole furniture.

Cramer says the wood that’s spent in this process is much stronger than any wood-based ply, so the final product is almost impervious to the weather.

So where can I get a pair of real dance poles?

You can buy them online, as well as from the manufacturers of the top-of-the-line pole furniture, who sell them to clubs and bars all over Europe.

The pole furniture market is a booming sector, with dance pole brands like Tonic and Tonic Plus getting huge amounts of attention. But despite these incredible gains, most pole furniture isn’t that expensive to make – something that’s not the case with the latest

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