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The basic rule that has to be followed is to practice pole Dancing every day. You will only find out if you are a beginner through continuous study, training and practice.

If a pole dancer does not perform well with training and practice, he or she will not be able to enter the Club. If a pole dancer does not enjoy dancing and does not enjoy performing, then he or she does not perform well with training and practice.

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I think that people who start pole dancing when they are young often do quite well. It is very important that you learn how to dance properly, so you can achieve success.

How could pole dancers change?

Well, in the past, pole dancing was often seen as a boys’ club. As boys began to understand the pole, pole dancing became more accepted by girls and so on. There are now many more women, but the pole dancing of today is still quite male dominated. Also, pole dancers are less likely to enjoy making a lot of noise – the noise attracts some of the attention from the general public, but the dancing itself is less likely to attract attention from the police.

When one looks abroad they find there to be many other female strippers or strippers on stage performing the same act. This does not help the girl to have an easier time.

What sort of problems would female dancers have in today’s club?

Pole dancers would not have any problems with the staff due to the fact that there are no formal rules in pole dancing – you are welcome to dance whether you like the music or not. It is also difficult to take the girl to a nightclub, for example if the club is not open on a Sunday.

As far as the girls go – their dance moves are different according to the sport. So if you have a girl on a pole, she will not be able to do the same dance moves as one from the floor.

How do you think pole dancing contributes to girls’ image?

In the past, girls were seen as prostitutes and were not able to stand up for themselves nor the girl herself. Today, girls are more able to stand up for themselves and for other girls. In a Club, the pole dancer makes sure that the girls have the confidence to be themselves.

Are we afraid of pole dancers doing drugs?

In almost all countries in Europe, pole dancing does not have anything to do with drugs. They have a great image among the people. They have

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