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Spinners are not better, because the poles you are referring to are called spinning trolleys, and spinners are not better than them. For example, a spinning trolley has to stop at several locations at once to pick up passengers. In contrast, an electric trolley can operate in a single lane which allows cars to move without stopping at once. A spinning trolley is much better than an electric one, because it does not have this problem.

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A new video has been released that shows the aftermath of a drone strike that killed a group of young men and boys. A drone strike has reportedly killed many children in Libya. This video and many more images have been circulating on social media sites. Many of the images in this video have been removed from the Internet due to copyright violations.

The video was originally uploaded from YouTube on February 18, 2013 and shows the aftermath of a drone strike that killed five children and a civilian in the town of Qatraneh. The drone strike is said to have targeted a meeting at the Qatraneh City Hall in Libya, allegedly to negotiate a trade agreement. Although many people around the time of the strike have been criticizing the drone for causing unnecessary death, many others have been more accepting of the drone’s mission as an effective deterrent to those who oppose the Libyan government.

Despite opposition to the war, many have praised the drone for killing many children as part of an unsuccessful attempt to topple Col. Muammar Gaddafi, since the drone was launched on the first day of the war and it was not clear if the weapon had already reached the target. Libya has also recently received numerous donations from overseas through donations page, including $2 million from British millionaire Robert Fisk who used his wealth to help Libya during reconstruction and reconstruction after the war ended.

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One of the members of the drone strike that hit the Qatraneh meeting was described as being from the Muslim Brotherhood. The report stated that the drone strike resulted in an explosion that destroyed three trucks. It also reported that some of the children who died in this strike were from the families of some of the attackers. Other images from the airstrike appeared to

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