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For starters, an “unspinning pole” is not a “spin” and isn’t even a “tilt”. It’s simply a very “stable” way for a pole to rotate in space, whereas the “spin” is simply the difference between its rotation at rest (1.5°) and as it is rotating (1.5°).

There are numerous theories regarding the effects of spinning, and all of them have been debunked. The primary theory regarding spherical rotation is that the object will not become unstable, and will continue to spin with a fixed speed. This theory has been shown to be not correct.
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An early 20th century photo of the South Carolina State Capitol (State Capitol, South Carolina). S.C. STATE CAPITOL

(Image: State of South Carolina) South Carolina, like all states, has two houses of the Legislature. But unlike other states, this is not because of a law. It’s because a lot of money got moved to South Carolina a long time ago. South Carolina is one of the “sphere of interests” that have long paid bills through the federal government. But as Washington has grown ever more intrusive, South Carolina has chosen to avoid paying for anything it doesn’t need on behalf of the federal government’s priorities.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) reported this week that South Carolina had a surplus at the end of 2013 of $2.1 billion. However, according to a new report from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Miller Center (a “market-based institutional research organization”), the state’s surplus has declined by more than $700 million since 2009. There are a few possible explanations for the decline. For instance, in 2013, Congress increased the maximum number of bills the state can pay for (as they had in fiscal year 2008). That means they could now pay bills through January. Other states are also seeing their bills skyrocket through new tax incentives and other payments to the federal government. (The Washington Times explains the tax structure on tax day.) However, the CRS report points to two larger factors:

The report estimates that by 2021-22, the state’s bill backlog could increase from its current $1.2 billion to $2.1 billion, or a nearly 25 percent increase, and that it would continue to climb to even more astronomical levels after that. (Source)

There should not be any mystery about why South Carolina should not be paying for anything it doesn’t need for a long

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