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When it comes to the spinning top the consensus seems to be that it is a bit better. But, for most, it’s not a big deal and they’ll probably get away with it!

The best way to explain the advantage of the spinning pole over a standard pole is with an example. Let’s say you have a small piece of foam board laid across a large table top and you have to move your chair. To move your chair you have to move your chair forward as well as you have to move your foam board. However, if you hold a standard pole across your entire table top, you may need to move some chairs before you can get to your desk chair. In fact, it may be far easier to drop the chair on the floor, which is more suitable for your desk chair. So this makes using the spinning pole a much easier task rather than trying to get your chair right from your top position.

And if any of our readers are handy and skilled then we would be keen to hear from you on the subject of the spinning tops as well. You can find them in our range of wooden and electric spinning tops which include wooden and electric spinning tops as well. You only need to place the top on the floor and you get a nice spinning top experience on your floor as well as with a lot of extra attention from you! We also sell a variety of types of spinning top such as the classic spinning tops and a wide variety of models including wooden and electric spinning tops and also a variety of models including our high performance stainless steel spinning tops.

Please don’t forget to check out our wide selection of electric or wooden spinning tops as well.

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