Is a spinning pole better? – Pole Dance Workout Classes Near Me 60409 Zip Code

(Not for spinning in!)

So why did you switch to a spinning pole? The obvious answer is that I’m happy to stay on a treadmill while working out with my kids. If my kids wanted to come to the gym, I could just spin the pole in my kitchen.

But when they have school in the morning, I want to be in my rocking chair by now! With all the time I save, I think I could do with some exercise in my day.

Why? Let’s find out…

How do most children train?

I recently attended another exercise class at the local school. A group of seven kids showed up to workout. The teacher recommended a “touring swing” and I was sold on it. A lot of kids use it, especially when they’re in the gym.

What makes a spinning pole different?

There are a few things to consider when installing a spinning pole. I’ll start with why you don’t need one in your kitchen.

First, for the same reason I think it makes sense to use a spinning pole in your kitchen (and not your basement), it’s not recommended for kids younger than 10.

Second, kids get up quickly when on a spinning pole. You should be comfortable with the idea of a child spinning while they’re on the wheel.

Third, since kids are so used to spinning that they can’t stop moving by themselves, kids need to be on a stable surface and not on the road on a treadmill.

Fourth, while kids on spindles get much of their energy from the air around them, if that air is very hot or very dry – say under 100⁰F – they can get more efficient spinning speeds if they’re on a standing pole, because the movement doesn’t need to be constant.

So how do your kids go about working on their spinning pole?

Kids on a stationary wheel can spin the pole with an exercise bike. They just move the feet of the bike around to keep the bike spinning. Another option is using a stand to keep the wheels spinning. You don’t have to use a stand – just stand on the pole so the wheel doesn’t move. And when you get a little older, you should be able to hold a spinning sphere without the wheels. But if you have children older than 10, get some sort of exercise to increase their muscle endurance and keep them active.

Why are you using a spinning pole now?

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