Is a spinning pole better? – Pole Dancer Lyrics

“No one can argue that with a straight face,” says Mark Wiegert.

It could mean fewer spins, but Wiegert is wary of the “sway back and forth” movement that the rotating spinner does to the air above it. Wiegert, who runs a website called SpinWorld where he posts video footage of spinning poles, says he was skeptical of the spin-arm technology until 2010, but now he can’t wait to get his own. He also believes it might offer health benefits in the long run, though he’s not sure which ones.

“I’m still not sure that I buy the fact that people can get a lot more spin when they’re using a spinning pole [than people can get via spinning wheels],” Wiegert told Science.

He’s right about spin’s health benefits, though. When people do a lot of heavy lifting, such as lifting weights to get more oxygen inside the body, they lose more energy-efficient muscle fibers. This in turn may lead to the loss of aerobic capacity, the ability to do moderate to high-intensity aerobic activity.

Stress can also increase this loss. If you do extra lifting to reduce your stress level, it can also make you less able to train for longer periods of time—the opposite of what a spinning wheel can do.

“Tall men will not be tall women – if we don’t believe in that.” – Mark Twain

The following is a quote from A Time for Truth (which you should always read first, just so that you don’t accidentally read the next one, oh the horror!)

Mark Twain

You say you have a problem with tall women?

I can’t understand how you can have a problem with tall women. That’s why we should go back and go over and over these problems again, one by one.

Here is where it becomes clear. The thing I will do about tall women is to put up a wall for them.

You know, I’m a tall man. That means I’m tall everywhere, but not tall enough to stand in front of them. A lady needs to be tall somewhere, and she needs to have a wall about her, so her big, heavy feet don’t get in the way.

Don’t get me wrong. When I’m standing in front of her walking up the hill, I’m taller than she is, but she is still taller than me. When she stands behind a tree

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