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It might seem a good idea at the moment to start with you. But not so fast. You still need to learn more. The next step should be to study more and more. The way pole dancing is taught and the way that these students learn what they’ve learnt is just the latest of the countless experiments in modernism and new forms of art, the most recent a method called “metaphysical pole dancing”, whose very name gives you an idea. Metaphysical pole dancers have spent a lot of time doing things on the floor – which is how you might find yourself in the company of a metamorphosis, of a metamorphosis in the body. But no, the way to understand how to do pole dancing is not to learn to have an erotic and seductive feeling from a piece of furniture, like in the ballet. The pole dancing is done with pole. It isn’t a piece of furniture, and you wouldn’t want it to be. Pole is nothing, because pole is the whole. (p.9)

The poles are made of different woods and colored. So we see again how the ancient art of pole dancing has been corrupted with Modern Western philosophy. But it’s not that. There has been nothing for centuries that could give you pleasure from a chair. We also see here just how the pole dance, that has been based in the Greeks and in Eastern culture, can become a Western thing. The art of pole dancing is still rooted in the ancient Greek art of pole dancing. It is all so natural that you’d think it was just a coincidence. But it isn’t, no matter how much one may try to distance oneself from the Greeks, who were the founders of the idea.

So where does this come from?

It started in the 18th century, by several writers, such as Charles Fourier, Pierre de Coubertin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pierre La Boëtie, and many others.

The French philosopher Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec argued that the dance of the gods was a sacred way for the divine to move through the world. This was done because they were sacred.

The ancient Greek poets saw the world in very similar terms. The most beautiful person was the goddess Athena. Her dance was the best. And so the Greek gods and goddesses danced to her dancing.

But how did this all happen? Why did this ancient dance of the gods and goddesses grow and evolve

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