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Who is a dancer for you?”

It is not the only time someone had called out the dance. When the mayor was asked what he thought of the dancers who came out of the building and danced in front of him. He noted that “anybody could do what they wanted to do.”

He also noted that he had been to the same school several times, in a district where “there is little to no activity or activity of any kind of sports.”

As more people joined him, some of the other audience members stood up and took their positions.
Pole dance wear model Dream by Anastasia Sokolova ...

During the discussion, as he was speaking, a woman called out. “I don’t want to come because you’re so big,” she said. “You’re so fat.”

“She’s right,” Mr. Breslau said. “You’re not a fat girl! We have enough people who like to eat and drink and fuck.”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’m not a fat person.”

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A family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit after the head of their family’s local restaurant was killed in a car wreck, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

The wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of the family of John Giambalvo lists the restaurant, Wawana’s, on the driver’s side window, Fox 5 reported. The lawsuit asks for an award of damages. The family believes the restaurant was negligent in its hiring, training and supervision of its employees.

“The restaurant is in the best of hands,” the family said Sunday night. “We were trying to do the right thing.”

The manager and owners of Wawana’s were arrested Saturday evening after a wreck where John Giambalvo was killed. He was the owner’s stepson.

A woman and her 18-year-old baby are also among those facing manslaughter charges, according to the AJC. Their charges were upgraded to murder on Monday.

John Giambalvo was driving a white Dodge Charger northbound on Doylestown Drive around 7:00 p.m. last Friday when the vehicle collided with a 2006 BMW traveling in the opposite direction, according to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. Witnesses tell the newspaper that Giambalvo was doing 90 mph in 75 mph road conditions at the time of the crash, the AJC reported.

A car chase ensued and the four-year-old child was

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