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I guess you could say pole dancing is “dangerous” right up to the point where it is performed by an underage woman who is in actual danger of serious injury. A 16 year old who falls and is injured is almost certain to die.
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Carmen Munoz, 20, is a freshman psychology major from Santa Cruz, California. She grew up in the small town of Santa Cruz and graduated with a bachelor’s from University of Oregon in 2009. Carmen and her sister Lauren, 25, were active on the student government. Lauren and Carmen’s mother, Karen Munoz, have been married for a year and a half. They were married on October 24th for a full year before they were released earlier this year from California’s “Marriage-Based In-vitro Fertilization and Stem Cell Research Act.” While the two girls will be free to marry at the age of 24, their mother plans to remain in her role as a guardian-in-trust, preventing her daughters from getting married.

Following Carmen’s graduation, the girls have been asked to marry each other sometime between late December and early January.

According to Carmen’s aunt, she received a “confidential” letter from Oregon State. The letter stated that their graduation “will coincide with the date of marriage, thereby preventing the girls from receiving any benefits.” They were also told they can’t pursue any degree programs under the Oregon Act and also have to live with their parents.

According to the Oregon State letter, “the students would have been eligible for financial assistance. The students could have pursued additional study options, such as a minor in nursing, in order to continue their education.”

Carmen’s Aunt Mary told KPTV that her niece told her she was so distraught her heart would “break.”

Carmen’s brother, Brian, also a student at Oregon State, said the school acted on a “sloppy” letter sending for them to marry. He stated they would rather the letters

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