Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Why Is Pole Dancing Bad

Yes, but it’s not quite the same. A pole dancer is an extreme sport, a kind of acrobatics in which a dancer moves their body around the platform, then moves in and out of different positions and moves different poses, like in a kung fu movie. They are able to put some weight on the pole and, when the pole is lifted by their fellow dancers, it acts like a heavy whip—they move it around. The pole dance is a lot more about the dancing and not the pole. The dancer is an object and is always in motion, but the pole is a kind of stage, and it allows you to move from one place to the other. A pole dancer, in contrast, is a kind of model and the pole is the subject of their art.

But, if I may, on the question of pole dancing as stripping, I don’t have a strong opinion yet.

How many dancers have you met in New York?

One or two—and then there are many more on other continents, too. It varies from city to city.

You’re a pole dancer, but how much time have you put into learning pole and how much time have people put in learning to do it and how much people will be out there dancing with you?

I have an apartment in New York, and it’s a place where you can train yourself, because it’s so cheap. That’s important. I do pole because I believe in it, and I like the feeling of physical activity. I like doing it—whether it’s a single position or two or 20.

How do you train yourself to do it?

I would just like to do it, do what comes easily. It doesn’t have to be a great physical skill because most of the time it comes naturally. I don’t have a big physical preparation in my diet.

Do you do any special exercise?

Well, sometimes we have a good dance instructor who is very strict, and this is a great way to learn something that you couldn’t do otherwise. I just train myself for the time in a normal way—whether you’re on the dance floor looking at it or maybe you go around looking at it.

What are the most common problems you’ve seen for pole dancers?

I have seen injuries. It used to be that when someone had a problem with their pole, they had a hard time because they can’t do an easy thing. Then I thought

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