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I’m about $1,000 better off on this product than I was when it was brand new. Plus, with the new screen it makes tracking my macros quicker.

Can I make more money now by selling my stock?

This is an option, but they don’t ship it over to you.

What is my shipping cost?

$5.95 for UPS ground or $2.00 for USPS priority mail. If you’re outside the US, they’ll probably ship your order with DHL, or some other high-speed international shipping, and the postmark will probably be in the US, but we don’t know exactly how much it will be.

Do you ship internationally?

I do ship internationally, but usually at pretty much no extra charge. You can get a better price for buying on Etsy, where I ship my orders from.

Is there any cost for packaging after I get the product?

I take good care of my custom products to ensure they arrive properly packaged and have everything they need to perform their best. If you don’t care about that, I’m not sure I can do the same for you.

Can I use different sizes?

Yes, you can add on different sizes, with shipping included.

My order came to me late by some reason. Can I have it shipped back for a full refund?

Yes, with a full refund. If you had a problem with it, the quickest way to get it back would be for me to return your order and refund the difference.

What are your returns policies?

I can provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorization number on receipt of your item. Please keep this number and let me know if it has been delivered within 1 month of the authorization date.

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