What do pole dancers do? – Basic Pole Dancing Moves Advanced

Well, for starters they walk on their tips! Some of the world’s best pole dancers have tips as long as 10 inches! But, it gets a little more bizarre. The top pros only walk on their tips, never on their faces, not their legs in particular. Why? Because the tip of the pole has a “skin” on it that makes it impossible for the tip to walk on. This skin is a very tough, fibrous material that’s strong and can’t easily be severed. When I walk on my tips I feel nothing (not numb, numb, not numb) but I am feeling the muscle structure that’s in front of my body. As soon as my tips walk on my skin, the skin in front of me turns into a skin of my tips. But it’s OK because my tips aren’t in front of me! No, my tips are right here on me. They’re in the most natural, natural position imaginable: on my belly. The skin on my belly does not have a skin on it at all. But somehow it’s very hard to tell where my tips are. I guess you could say that this creates problems. My arms become stiff, my body becomes heavy, my hands and feet become sore and uncomfortable, and it even creates the sensation that I am a little “out of it” and I am not doing my best to walk on my tips like an angel or a saint. What do pole dancers do with this? They take turns “slipping” their tips into their stomachs and holding on to the tips and pulling on their stomachs and then, “re-bashing” them. Or, the better of the two, they hold on like a rock and push the “skin” on their tips back into their stomachs. The way it works is that we pull on our belly and push the skin right back out of our stomachs with our tips, as if we are “re-bashing” them again. I don’t know how to explain my feelings. You really don’t need to: I don’t want to sound judgmental and I don’t want to be disrespectful. I want to just give you something to think about, since I don’t have a “good side.” Here they are, from left, Sissy Stone, Katya Zamolodchikova, and Alyssa Edwards. The only difference between the two is that Alyssa’s is on her upper thigh, while Katya’s is at her hip. The only thing

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