What do pole dancers do? – Beginner Pole Dancing Moves Names

They stand on their bellies, turn up the volume, and take full advantage of every inch of air they happen to have when they move.

This was the first ever international pole dance competition, held in South Korea over summer. This is the world pole dance championships. This time around, the competition took place over four nights at the Korea Performing Arts Center (KPAO).

And for years, this international competition was held on the beaches of the South Korean Republic, but in June of 2014, the World Pole Association announced that it was opening up the competition to other countries as well, beginning with the 2014 finals which took place in Brazil.

Here’s what you need to know about this year’s competitions.

The Rules: “The Contestants in the World Pole Dancing Championships 2014 are the highest level performers in their respective sport disciplines, as determined by their world’s most prestigious competition, the World Pole Dance Championships 2014”. To read the full rules, click on this link.

The Venues: The competition was held at the Jamsil Park in Mokpo-gu at the heart of Gyeongsangnam, home town of KPAO. The venue was the largest in the competition and hosted performances in three different sections including the world finals. But what you’ll be seeing most is the stage on which the competitors were competing.

The stages were the “Jamsil Park” in which they performed. For those that didn’t attend the actual competition, the Jamsil Park is a large rectangular area on the eastern side of the venue which consists of a small parking lot, a grassy area, and an outdoor area with seating and fire-pit, all surrounded by a large grassy area with tall tall trees. On top of the tree-studded hill are three different stages, which were designed in a way that allowed all competitors to participate in a variety of different poses at the same time.

There were two main sections in the stadium which consisted of the “Chrono” -stage where their competitors are competing. Chrono has five parts, in which each competitors have a time limit set by the judges to complete as many poses as possible as fast as possible. This allowed performers to “chrono-jump” or “circon-jump” and perform various “jump-based” maneuvers to improve their overall pose (a pose meant to create momentum and propel a competitor onto their back) while also providing the audience for those who

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