What do pole dancers do? – Indian Pole Gymnastics

It goes like this: You learn a chore and you just go with it without thinking twice or worrying about any of that stuff. Then you go outside and dance the chore you learned to your heart’s content. If you go to that pole right now and your chore is a great pole dance like the one I taught you, you know, it’s great at that moment and then you just go about in life trying it to it to your heart’s content because when you get better at a pole dance, your body is so much stronger, so you’re so much faster and so much stronger than a normal person. So if you start going to the dance or dance for a day or two and it’s a great place to practice your pole dancing, then that’s great.”

As a pole dancer, we’re taught to dance from hip height, but it’s really only from the shoulders up that we really get a feel for how much effort it takes, and the more weight you carry, the tighter the dance becomes. And with the weight of a person on one side, it is impossible to move on the same side with the same rhythm as a person standing perfectly still, but because of weight on opposite sides of a person, it can be difficult to work on both sides of a same dance.

This is great for the person taking the lead, of course, but it also limits our opportunities to move to the dance that suits how we feel: one side for relaxation and the other for movement. And when you spend a lot of time making movements that you find very difficult but that seem to fit very nicely in the current dance, there’s no going back; you need to keep going. It becomes a habit and eventually leads into trouble if one side of your body feels different from where the other feels.

This was a point I kept making to myself, during my years as a teacher, and one that I still think is true: you want to be in the moment right now, not thinking about all the stuff that is happening around you, but thinking only about the dance that’s taking place right now. And to be in the moment, to be “ready” or “present” is the main point. What does that mean? It means that you’re not expecting the dance to have been “perfect” or that you’re always thinking about it. So what matters is how you feel right now, and the easiest way to do that on a pole dance is to simply sit in the floor with your hands on your

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