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They dance, and they dance in different ways, but their main skill — their main asset, really — is movement. And that’s a big part of their appeal. They’re just like us! (Laughs)

But how big of an impact does dance have on your life?

I just graduated from high school! Right now I’m doing a couple of dances on tour with the band I love. So it’s always good. And it’s nice that people still want to hear me sing. (Laughs.)

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
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I sing like a nun! I’m the choir girl, I sing for all the kids, but what I sing is different.

What was your first love?

(Laughs) I had a terrible time of it — I was so fat and ugly and I wasn’t good with girls, really. I was really angry. So I did some bad things. I went back to high school for a while to try and figure out who I was. It’s hard to be good at something if you’re really bad with it and you don’t get it. That’s me. The girl I’d been playing for had gone off to California. The only person I really liked in the group was an English teacher, a very good man. I was just so angry over everything. But I realized then I was a horrible person and maybe that’s why I had never dated.

Wasn’t that a good thing for you?

A horrible thing. I couldn’t have known how great my heart would become. (Laughs) But then I met this other girl who was so much like him. She was from another town, and she took me to dinner and told me my life had always been horrible, and I had to go back. So I went back to San Francisco and we were able to find a job. I guess it was about four years later that that was the time I was on tour with the band I loved as a kid, but now I love singing even more, for real!

What’s next year like?

I’m going to start acting. I have two shows coming up in October with a few different bands. But what I’m really excited about is that I’ll have three months off next year and I’m writing my fourth album at the same time — and that’s going to happen when I’m 50. That’s when that’s going to happen. (Laughs

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