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“We have a special choreography where each girl is going to take on four or five different positions, which can include a high horse, a full leg, a full-on low, a full leg, a split, you name it,” Shearer says.

“When I was younger it was all the moves for me, I just wanted to have a lot of fun. But one day I came across a book that said, ‘You can now actually have the power of the women’ and that really helped me start getting into pole dancing. I always really loved how girls could move and that’s why I became a pole dancer.”

The show is currently on Netflix, and the cast of three stars, including Shearer, are hoping for nominations for both Dance Moms and The Voice.

What’s going on with the pole dancing girls?

Shearer, a vocal advocate for pole dancers, and other performers can be found online with “poledancinggirls.com” and “poledancingclub.com” respectively.

Their club has the same name as his club, but it seems that the name of the club is a play on the terms “pole dance” and “paddle dance.”

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The dance group started in 2005 with two other dancers called Jennifer Lopez and Latrice Royale and later gained national attention thanks to a YouTube video of Latrice dancing on the pole, according to Shearer.

Nowadays the club is also the home to a series of shows called Pole Dance Showdown, including shows such as one dubbed “Pole Dance Showdown” that pits local girls against national performers. The first, called “Pole Dance Showdown 4″ was held at The Union League on April 30, according to the club.

“I just thought it would be fun for people to see it,” Shearer says. “It’s funny. Some nights we have 30 kids at the show. Some nights we have five and some nights two.”

The show’s website has a FAQ page about the show’s history and who is playing who, as well as links to a list of performers who’ve been featured here.

There’s also a calendar of upcoming performances, with videos of the girls who have been featured on YouTube, and information about tickets to showtimes and times on the show.

The dancers take a very personal turn while participating in pole dancing shows.

“It’s funny because with the girls it’s very personal,”

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