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What do you do on the dance floor when you’re out for a run, the beach, or going off to college?

What is an ideal pole dance partner?

If you ever decide that you actually like pole dancing, what about this is good pole dancing?

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared a photo of two young black men in South Carolina, posing together — one in a tank top and another in a white shirt wearing a bandanna around his head. The photo prompted a debate about what the meaning of the bandanna is. The original idea was to show solidarity with the victims after the tragic police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota. The shirt didn’t seem right at the time, but as time’s pass, the picture and the shirt have evolved. This photo, in particular, has evolved for different reasons.

First, it appears that the photographer in the photo is a white man with a black girlfriend. The shirt, while a great image, doesn’t fit with most of the narratives that surrounded this incident. People have come up with some pretty compelling explanations of when the photo was taken, when it was taken in the first place, and how the photo could be made to fit into the narrative.

Here are some explanations from Twitter:

1) Someone who is not a victim of this violence is wearing a shirt showing solidarity

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2) The shirt is a tribute to Laquan McDonald/Alton Sterling, but the shirt’s message is that black lives matter

I don’t want to get into the specifics of these, but if someone wearing this shirt is a victim in the event of violence, it’s a great moment to celebrate black lives (rather than to condemn the person in a white shirt).

3) A person is protesting the police killing of the teen he’s standing next to

4) A person is wearing a symbol of racial oppression that isn’t associated with black people

If someone wearing this shirt is standing on the corner of a street where

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