What does pole dancing do to your body? – Pole Dance Exercise Classes Near Me For Over 50S

Dr. Mark R. Schuett, a professor of exercise physiology at Michigan State University, says dancers are not training their muscles for a specific purpose. He has been studying the effects on the human body of different types of sports, ranging from swimming to running.

Dr. Schuett says dancers are engaging certain parts of the body, like the thigh muscle, in ways not usually done.

“Dancers are often running, but they are not doing that in a competitive process as if they are trying to run a marathon,” he said.

Dancers, on the other hand, are trying to put a specific skill on display, Dr. Schuett said. For example, a dancer might be a gymnast or a gymnast might be a surfer. They’re combining a style that is both fun and athletic into a sport.

“They are trying to perform in a non-competitive athletic environment that includes a lot of other skills that take a lot of strength and endurance training to perform,” he said.

That kind of fitness can translate into a higher tolerance for pain, an ability to withstand more abuse and a greater overall level of health.

One way to increase this tolerance is to strengthen these muscles, Dr. Schuett said. This helps a dancer move more effectively, he said.

“There is an evolutionary logic to having these musculature in your body and they are very important,” he said. “You don’t want to have a tightness to one part of the body and a weakness at another, because you have a greater likelihood of infection or injury in one area.”

So, why are dancers taking a more active approach to their workouts?

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