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Ebony has been crowned the “Queen of Extreme Pole Dance” but other women like her have come a long way from performing on the sides of trains in Germany. We’ve featured a few of them over the years, including our top 10 Extreme Pole Fairs.

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A man and his lover travel down the West Coast to enjoy the pleasures of the California desert but they soon realize that this trip is much more than just a vacation.

Friedrich Nietzsche thought a lot about the difference between reason and madness and what is dangerous about the two. In The Gay Science he wrote about how madness can be expressed simply as the fact of not believing in God. While this seems strange to some, it was Nietzsche’s idea of the opposite, namely the madness of wanting to believe things that are not true is much more consistent with what people might think about themselves. This was a big reason why he wrote about this in the first place. For Nietzsche, the question of whether something is sane or mad seems to us to be a question of how we look at how we feel about ourselves. If we start with the assumption that what we feel really is what we feel, then we’ll have a much easier time dealing with the fact that we’re not living in the world as we should. If we start with the conclusion that that this is just crazy nonsense, then we can go on living.

The gay science philosopher, Peter Kreeft, in his book The Gay Science: A History of Sexuality and the Future of Humanity, offers a very philosophical explanation of why this is true. His definition of madness is exactly the same it is for all the other kinds of madness, namely the idea that we’ve come to the wrong place in the world. The gay philosopher makes the point that once we understand there are lots of “normal” and “crazy” people in the world, then we’ll be better able to understand the “gay problem” because we’ll be better able to understand that the whole gay world is full of people going about their normal lives with some weirdness that they have difficulty talking themselves out of. By understanding why the gay problem exists, we can better understand what makes a gay person crazy.

In his book Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Madness

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