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“I think it just makes you look a lot more natural. People get turned off by my size,” says Deena, whose heels give her a “more natural” body that’s more in tune with her curves. The 31-year-old says her shoes are “very comfortable but I don’t have to wear them in public.”

Another recent addition to Deena’s body is her hair. “A lot of people look at me as a clown because of my hair,” says Deena, an interior designer who also works as a hair stylist.

When Deena’s father died at age 29, she had lost her confidence. “My confidence was shot because of my dad and my lack of strength,” she says. Then she began to go to therapy – which helped her regain her confidence. “My hair, my heart.”

But it wasn’t until she graduated college with a degree in visual communications that Deena began changing her diet. She started incorporating a healthier diet into her workouts. “I got so many compliments on my weight but no one noticed anything about my shoes, my jewelry, or my hair,” she adds.

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Deena’s journey is a reminder of that common struggle – that of finding enough confidence in your body to start taking control.

“We all need to know our worth,” she says. “To make change, you have to feel great about yourself.”

Calls for the government to introduce a national law to combat domestic abuse have been backed by senior officers from the Home Office .

Following the tragic killing of Holly Wells at a domestic violence refuge, an inquiry which also included the home secretary Theresa May and her cabinet colleague Sir Jeremy Heywood, calls have now been made for the government to introduce something similar.

Home Office figures show a major increase in the number of reported cases of domestic abuse since 2012, which has led to a dramatic increase in the need for help from the police.

Speaking on the eve of the publication of a new Home Office report highlighting the need for a national definition of domestic abuse, an armed forces veteran told The Independent: “I believe a national law to tackle domestic violence needs to be introduced immediately.”

The call comes after a letter to Ms May by a senior officer from the police. It said: “The UK has the most extensive domestic violence legislation in the world in order to protect a whole series of vulnerable people but we are not anywhere near to meeting the demand or the needs of those communities.

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