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A few years ago, I had an experience when a pole dancer asked if I’d ever had sex with a man. He said he’d been training for five years with a trainer whom I could only describe as a pole dancer in a skirt and shoes. The trainer wanted to help me to find a man who would be receptive to my dance style – what an interesting notion.

I then asked him where I could find an escort in our small town in North Carolina. He replied that he’d never considered doing so and that he thought pole dancing was so unbecoming of a husband. However, it was a good opportunity to start a personal business of my own and so I hired a pole dancer named Amy as my escort.

She was not a stripper though. She’s a woman and a woman with a career, just like us. I asked her what she made. She told me she made $200 a night. She added that she made $10 an hour and she did it with the aid of her husband. He didn’t mind her being a professional, but at the same time if she was working at the same time as he was and there was a problem that he didn’t want to worry about, he’d have to leave the house.

Does pole dancing create sex?

I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist and I’m not saying that dancers have a greater sexual drive as some other groups. What I’m saying is that the more you do pole dancing, the more you have the tendency to want to have sex with men. There is absolutely plenty of sex for two men to have in a night by a pole dancer. There are so many female dancers who will give you a hand job and you’ve got to be a certain level of sexually experienced. The pole dancer who works in our community will certainly give you something of that sexual feel.

However, some dancers are highly sexualized and have unrealistic expectations. Some of them think “I’ll get a boyfriend or girlfriend as soon as I get me a job.” Those girls who are more sexualized will likely have the tendency to go out and have more sex with male partners. I don’t think pole dancing is the cause, but it might turn people like that to think about ways to meet men.

What about men?

Yes, some men like the girls who are doing pole dancing – they can talk to the dancers about it and ask questions. However many men are very wary to date dancers. It’s

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